Motor Car Accident Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy After a Motor Car Accident

Have you recently experienced an accident? At Cabot Physiotherapy, our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide the gentle care you need to make a full recovery. After a motor vehicle accident, physiotherapy can help you get back on your feet through manual therapy, exercises, education and therapeutic modalities. We know the effects of an accident don’t just occur at the time of your injury. You may feel rattled and overwhelmed by what happened. Our Cabot Physio team understands the mental and physical trauma that may occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident. With caring and knowledgeable physiotherapists, you can put your trust in us to help you get back to a level of normalcy after any accident.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy combines exercise and manual therapy to help improve function, reduce pain, increase strength and increase range of motion. It requires involvement of the patient in their own recovery, such as performing prescribed exercises. It includes hands-on treatment, such as manual therapy and massage techniques, as well as exercises, such as stretching and strengthening movements. Your physiotherapy treatment may also include certain therapeutic modalities, such as ultrasounds, ice or heat therapy and electro muscular stimulation.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy can help guide your recovery from various motor vehicle accident injuries, including the following.


If you are experiencing a stiff or painful neck following an accident, you may have a whiplash injury. Other common symptoms include shoulder pain, arm or hand numbness, blurred vision, ringing in the ears and tiredness. Whiplash occurs from a sudden deceleration after acceleration. This causes your head to whip forward, straining the neck. It causes strains and sprains within the neck and its structures.

However, physiotherapy can help. Ice applications are frequently used to help reduce your pain. Further, manual therapy techniques, gentle exercises, electrical stimulation, acupuncture and more may be used to help treat your whiplash injury. After a car accident, physiotherapy can help with your long-term recovery. If you think you are experiencing an injury, such as whiplash, contact our clinic today. Allow our expert team to help you get back to your normal.

Other Strains and Sprains

Physiotherapy is not only limited to helping you recover from a whiplash injury. Our team is experienced in treating a variety of injuries relating to motor vehicle accidents. Strains and sprains of the shoulder, back and other parts of the body are also fairly common. Bruising may also be an issue.

With physiotherapy, we can help encourage your body’s natural healing processes, as well as prevent future problems from arising in association with your injury. At Cabot Physiotherapy, our team is trained and experienced when it comes to tackling strains and sprains from a motor vehicle accident. We can assure you that we will approach your case with the utmost support and care possible.

Accident Physiotherapy

Our team can also help with other accident-related injuries. Have you recently experienced a workplace accident? Our registered physiotherapists can help you get back to work, as well as a life where pain doesn’t hold you back. Don’t hesitate to contact our team today. Let us help you get back to a life you love!

Rehabilitation Programs

Our physiotherapy team can help create rehabilitation exercise programs to get you back to feeling your best. These exercise programs are based on you and your needs, as well as your diagnosed injury. A rehabilitation program can help accelerate your recovery and ensure you don’t experience chronic pain into the future. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic. Discover how physiotherapy can help you bounce back after an accident and help you start feeling like yourself again!

Your First Appointment

At your first physiotherapy appointment, you will be required to fill up new patient intake forms. These forms require you to answer questions pertaining to your health and medical history, as well as related information regarding your insurance and accident.

Once you have filled out your forms, your physiotherapist will review them and begin your initial assessment. Your initial assessment will involve a short interview where you will be asked questions relating to your complaint and accident. From there, your physiotherapist will perform various tests that analyze your range of motion, pain levels and strength. In some situations, special tests may be conducted for further assessment.

Your physiotherapist uses your assessment information to make a diagnosis. This diagnosis helps guide your treatment plan, which is unique to you and your situation. Your treatment plan will vary based on your condition and injury. For some, they may be required to visit our clinic for many months before being discharged. For others, it may take less time. Again, it depends on the severity of your injury and your condition.

Your treatment plan will include manual therapy, education regarding your condition, exercises and therapeutic modalities. When it comes down to it, we want you to feel better as soon as possible. Our patients are our number one priority.

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A motor vehicle accident is a serious event. And unfortunately, injuries may last long after the accident has occurred. At Cabot Physiotherapy, we are here to help. We strive to help you feel better as soon as we can. Using our expert knowledge pertaining to the human body, we are able to guide you toward healing and decreased pain. Begin to feel better – start today. Contact our clinic and book an appointment! We would be happy to help you get to where you want to be.